Press Release: Public Backing for Going Beyond GDP Remains Strong: Global Poll

Jay Owen Beyond GDP

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LONDON – The public around the world remains strongly in favour of replacing GDP with a broader way of reporting national progress, according to a new global poll released today.

The study, conducted by GlobeScan on behalf of Ethical Markets, business think tank Tomorrow’s Company and the ICAEW, surveyed 10,845 adults across 11 countries. It shows that more than two- thirds – 68 percent of citizens on average – in the countries surveyed favour replacing GDP with a broader indicator embracing health, social and environmental statistics as well as economic ones. Twenty-three per cent would rather retain a focus on money-based economic statistics.


The survey was previously conducted in 2010 and 2007. This year’s results show that while globally the proportion favouring going ‘beyond GDP’ has not changed since 2010, there were some significant shifts in individual countries.\

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