PRESS RELEASE: Consumer Behaviour Key to Sustainable Proteins Success

Jay Owen Earth Systems Science


For Immediate Release May 26th 2014

Consumer Behaviour Key to Sustainable Proteins Success

London – Major changes in consumer lifestyles are necessary if the food industry is to avoid a proteins crisis. Protein alternatives to meats and seafood will be featured in the upcoming European edition (June 5-6, Amsterdam) of the Sustainable Foods Summit (

According to the FAO United Nations, demand for animal proteins is expected to rise by over 30% by 2050. The expanding population and changing dietary habits in the developing world are putting pressure on existing protein sources. Rising demand is likely to hike meat and grain prices, and further strain seafood supply. Increasing meat production is also casting a long environmental shadow; livestock occupies 70% of agricultural land, takes over 8% of human water usage, and generates a high level of greenhouse gases.


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