Power Forward 2.0: How American Companies Are Setting Clean Energy Targets and Capturing Greater Business Value

Jay Owen SRI/ESG News

Report from Ceres, WWF, Calvert Investments and David Gardiner and Associates, 2014


Clean energy has entered the mainstream at the world’s largest corporations. In this report, the second in the Power Forward series, we expand upon the analysis of clean energy and climate targets from the U.S. Fortune 100 to include the full U.S. Fortune 500. We total the savings that leading companies are realizing and chronicle the rapidly evolving business practices, financial tools, and policy developments that are catalyzing corporate clean energy adoption and making non-energy companies significant players on the electric grid.


This report on Fortune 500 commitments is intended to inform companies, investors, the electric power sector, and state and federal policymakers on trends and preferences among large corporate renewable energy buyers. It is also intended to encourage companies in and out of the Fortune 500 to understand the value of setting renewable energy, energy efficiency, and greenhouse gas emissions reduction commitments.


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