Positive Money video to BoE “Stop Funding Floods! “

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“Ethical Markets congratulates our brilliant colleagues at Positive Money, for campaigning so effectively for central banks to stop financing fossilized sectors, and exacerbating climate disasters!  Please circulate this widely among your colleagues!

~Hazel Henderson, Editor“

Exciting news: our advert – demanding that he should stop bankers causing flooding misery – made it onto the front page of Rishi Sunak’s local paper this week! [1]

You helped this advert have impact, Hazel because you’re one of the 58,785 people who signed the petition featured in the ad. [2] So we wanted to say a big thank you ? Another 494 Positive Money heroes chipped in last week to pay for it – meaning we could put our message in a place we knew Sunak would see it. That’s people power in action.

Positive Money supporter & North

Yorkshire constituent, Michael, with the paper

Now, to push the impact of the advert even further, we’ve made a short video about it. The more of us who share it now, the more Rishi Sunak will feel the heat online too.

With the Budget just a few weeks away, we don’t have long to do all we can to encourage him. Please will you share the video now to raise the pressure on Sunak to stop bankers funding fossil fuels and so more people know about this campaign?

You have the option to share the video on Facebook or Twitter. Or you can forward this email, or copy and paste the youtube link.

Positive Money has always been a people-powered organisation. For this advert, we teamed up with SumOfUs, whose supporters chipped in to pay for it too. Together we’re showing what’s possible when thousands of us sign our name, chip in a few pounds or share videos across the internet. Together we’re growing our movement and momentum for change.

Thank you for all that you do,

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