Policies for Mobilizing Nature-based Adaptation Action in Africa

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Policies for Mobilizing Nature-based Adaptation Action in Africa

Organized by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

Trevor Sandwith, IUCN, talked about IUCN projects on a climate change, mountain ecosystem and development. He underscored that we are at the threshold of learning about climate change issues, such as the need for developing: networks at all levels; relationship between ecosystem and socio-economic dimensions; and connections between practice and policy. He cautioned on the critical element of time before policies will not be able to restore changes to natural systems.

Ana Chichava, Deputy Minister of the Environment, Mozambique, urged for internal and practical solutions to combat vulnerability and poverty. She underlined that local communities need to be part of designing options and implementing solutions from the beginning.

Ronald Jumeau, Seychelles` Ambassador, said that without natural resources and the environment there will be no economy in the Seychelles. He noted that the Seychelles´ Plan for Climate Change integrates climate issues into its economic national strategy based in ecosystem-based adaptation.

Youba Sokona, Africa Climate Policy Centre (UNECA), highlighted policies must change that: accommodate both development and conservation; rival pressures against nature are overcome; more value is attributed to conserved natural resources rather than exploited ones.

Mafa Chipeta, UNECA, said that restoring ecology brings economic benefits and is the answer for fighting against poverty. He noted the need to mobilize communities for collective restoration actions.

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