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UPGYRES News / January 7-15, 2014


UpGyres  –  short for Upcycle the Gyres Society –


Transforming Marine Plastic Pollution into Revenue Streams

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sponsors UpGyres’ energy recovery study
it could be used as a blueprint for remote coastal communities worldwide




Sponsors UpGyres’ Feasibility Study

It is with great pleasure that Upcycle the Gyres Society (UpGyres) announces that it has successfully secured sponsorship from the Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA) to investigate Energy Recovery from discarded Plastics in Remote Communities on the West Coast of British Columbia.

This is the second time that CPIA sponsors UpGyres’ work.

The Canadian Plastics Industry Association is pleased to announce its sponsorship assistance to UpGyres for the reduction of marine litter in canada.

CPIA is supporting UpGyres to conduct a feasibility study for recovering plastics for conversion into low emissions fuel for use.

José Luis Gutiérrez-García, project director at UpGyres said: “This feasibility study can be used as a blueprint for remote communities all along the West Coast of canada and coastlines worldwide.”

“CPIA, a signatory to the Global Declaration for Solutions on Marine Litter, is committed to continued efforts in Canada to reduce marine litter.  We look forward to working with UpGyres to add value to existing and new opportunities for expanding the recovery of plastics. The Canadian plastics industry has a dozen projects complete or in progress to further recycling and recovery opportunities to reduce plastics entering the marine environment.  We invite all Canadians to visit to learn more about the plastics industry initiatives for the protection of our seas and oceans”, says Cathy Cirko, vice president CPIA.


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The Parratheans, an advanced extraterrestrial race have observed that planet Earth is dying so they send  Zemitheree Beden-ifictu, their best Space Agent to INTERVENE.

Zem spends $100 billion a week funding pro-earth projects, everything from ceiling insulation to gorilla and dolphin conservation and he gets around in a helicopter powered by algae biofuel.

One afternoon, Zem takes a call from the Project Director from Upcycle the Gyres. José Luis flys in with the latest plans for a solar and wind powered device that pulls microplastics from the ocean and turns them into high value polymers.  “I don’t mean to interrupt,” says Cady, at one point, “but wouldn’t it be easier to get the plastics off the beach and the river mouths?”
“We are doing that as well,” says José Luis.

Purchase a copy of Guy Lane’s book INTERVENE here and help support UpGyres to remove waste plastics from the oceans, beaches and rivers.

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Like Plastics Industry Sponsors UpGyres on Facebookshare on Twitter

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