Plant-based food retail sales hit $5 billion | GFI launches online seminar series for scientists | One step closer to plant-based tuna

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“Ethical Markets joins our friends at the Good Food Institute in following all the exciting trends in plant-based foods, including in our Green Transition Scorecard reports;

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Food Innovation E-Newsletter

March 12, 2020

Note from the Editor

As we send this e-newsletter, the World Health Organization has acknowledged that COVID-19 is now considered a global pandemic. This is an unprecedented situation and GFI remains committed to working alongside the companies, organizations, and individuals who are building a better food system. We are continuing to send this e-newsletter to shine a light on the important milestones of the alternative protein industry. 

Annie Cull
GFI Director of Communications

From Our Blog
Plant-Based Food is a Massive Growth Opportunity for Retailers 

Newly released SPINS data commissioned by GFI and the Plant Based Foods Association shows that total plant-based retail sales reached $5 billion and grew 11 percent over the past year—almost five times faster than total U.S. retail food sales! It’s never been clearer: plant-based food is not a fad but a real change in consumer behavior. Check out our full suite of insights.

Calling All Scientists: We’ve Got a New Community for You

GFI is proud to announce the launch of a new technical online seminar series for scientists: The Science of Alt. Protein. Each month, we’ll have an academic or industry scientist present their latest research or explore an interesting research question and identify white space opportunities that warrant further exploration. The first online seminar will take place Thursday, March 26 at 10 a.m. PDT / 1 p.m. EDT.  Interested in learning more? Get the details here!

GFI Around the Web

GFI Presents at TEDxGateway in Mumbai

At the largest TEDx event in the world, with more than 5,000 in attendance, GFI executive director Bruce Friedrich makes the case for why governments should invest in plant-based and cultivated protein: to stave off climate change, to secure global health outcomes, and to create trillions in economic value. Watch his full talk here (he starts at minute 48).

In the Race to Cut Prices, Plant-Based Companies are Embracing Big Food

Your favorite plant-based foods are about to get cheaper. Why? Citing GFI’s newly released SPINS data, this piece in Forbes highlights how leading plant-based companies are getting closer to reaching price parity with conventional meat.
Check it out. 

Inspiring the Plant-Based Leaders of the Future

GFI university inspiration specialist Annie Osborn led a conversation with a group of students at Yale about the opportunities in and advantages of starting a career in alternative protein. The future is bright. 

Social Spotlight 

#plantbased is an incredible business opportunity for protein companies. So thrilled about the new @BumbleBeeFoods and @goodcatchfoods partnership to expand the menu of options for seafood consumers!

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