Placemaking News: Five Essential Elements of a Placemaking Campaign

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Learn five tips & tricks to improve your next campaign!

Five Essential Elements of a Placemaking Campaign

If, as the saying goes, architecture is frozen music, then urban planning is composition, but Placemaking is improvisational street performance. It’s interactive, messy, inclusive, and you can never be quite sure what the result will be–but you end up with something unique and truly authentic to the people who participate. We’ve put together a list of five handy tips for all of you Placemakers out there to help you navigate the exciting, often unpredictable process of creating great places in your community.

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What can we learn from the great market system in Barcelona?

Food for Thought: Why Barcelona’s Markets are “Super” Places

Officials from Barcelona’s public market program came by PPS HQ recently for a discussion with NYC’s market leaders. Check out some of the fascinating things that we learned about this truly remarkable urban food system!

Foundations can expand their impact through a focus on place.

Making the Journey a Destination: Indy’s Cultural Trail Debuts

The Indianapolis Cultural Trail’s big launch was a decade in the making. Along the way, the city has been transformed through a new passion for Placemaking. [And don’t miss Streetfilms’ new feature on the trail!]

Why it's often better to ask for forgiveness, rather than permission.

Citizen Placemaker Nathan Martin on Prototyping [Semi-] Public Space

When they decided to create an open-air gathering space in their neighborhood, Nathan Martin’s company Deeplocal approached the challenge of making a great place the same way they would any creative project: prototyping, LQC-style!

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Citizens’ Institute on Rural Design Announces 2013 Awards

This past week, the CIRD announced that four organizations in Florida, Kentucky, New York, and Texas (out of 30 applications from across the US) have been selected to host design workshops in rural communities in 2013.

And now, wisdom from quotable Placemakers around the ‘web:

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