PICKPOCKET POLITICS, Staggering Examples of GOP Ineptness and Corruption–from Billee Bussard

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From Billee Bussard, editor


Dear Friends & Fellow Democrats:

Since our last newsletter, July 16, so much has happened in the world of politics it has been hard to keep up. Reports of GOP ineptness and corruption are just staggering.

The good news is the Republican National Convention cancelled its plans to meet in Jacksonville in late August.

The bad news is the continuing tsunami of stories on inept policies and corruption involving local, state and natonal GOP lawmakers whose decisions continue to betray the public trust, pick taxpayer pockets and endanger us all. There were so many NEW examples in August, I have had to be selective as to which to post for this newsletter. Below, a list of just some of the Latest Posts.


As if the numerous reports of GOP cover-ups on caronavirust data and corruption were not blood boiling enough, in late August came news that should disturbe all Americans regardless of their political stripe: President Trump labeling those who served in the millitary as “Losers and Suckers.”


Adding to the many upsetting reports in August are the shootings and deaths involving police and black citizens, followed by murders committed by white supremacists at Black Lives Matter protests.


Much of what is happening reflects pent up frustrations of citizens who do not understand why democracy and the American Dream is not working for them. Research I began in the 1990s links those frustrations to the influence of a self-serving organization founded in 1947 and funded by the wealthy. It successfully promoted a political ideology responsible for framing government as the enemy. Its disciples worked to suppress racial and economic opportunity.


For a greater understanding of what is driving the madness, I strongly recommend listening to this video in which Duke University historian Nancy MacLean talks about her book, “Democracy In Chains.”


LaborTalks: Nancy MacLean discusses “Democracy in Chains”

– Brooklyn Institute for Social Research



On my 75th birthday August 18, Election Day, I posted an in-depth story about the forces in play that successfully duped voters into electing those responsible for placing this nation on the doorstep of financial ruin, fascism and disaster in 2020. While it is a long piece, If you have not already read it, I think you will find it a worthwhile, informative and entertaining read. Click on the SPECIAL REPORTS tab to find:

A Nation On The Brink:

How My Beatles Interview Paved a Road

to Understanding How We Got Here.

Here is the direct link: 



Or download the PDF to print out & read later:

Beatles 2020 Hindsight 1 of 5 PDF Download


This piece is the first in a 5-part monthy series. The second, coming mid-September, will be a lighter read about how I managed to land an interview with the Beatles in September 1964, when I was a 19-year-old cub reporter. To receive that Special Report just enter your e-mail address after clicking on the link below..





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Story summaries are about . . .


  • Questionable Virus Loan Program Funding
  • Deaths Due To Inept State & Federal Leadership
  • Education Vultures Gobbling Up COVID-19 $$
  • Virus $$ That Help Grease The Political Wheels
  • Plutocrats Pour Huge Sums Into Conservative PAC
  • Ratio of CEO-to-Worker Pay Surges to 320-1o-1
  • Yet Another Close Trump Adviser Indicted
  • Governors Put Profits Before Health of Citizens
  • Taxpayers: A Gravy Train For Trump Properties
  • Corruption Probe of Top Trump & GOP Fundraiser
  • FL Virus Crisis Tied To GOP Health Budget Cuts
  • White Male Rage: A Political Asset For Trump
  • FL GOP Uses Kids As Caronavirus Guinea Pigs
  • GOP’s Gun Lobby Ally Probed Over Corruption
  • Talk But Little Action To Protect Florida Springs
  • Big Florida GOP Donor Sentenced For Bribery