PGGM vs Israel, Swiss VC fund, United Utilities, PensionDanmark, PKA, IPE-Quest, Rabobank

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Monday 13 January 2014


Israel decries PGGM decision to divest from banks involved in settlements

Newspaper accuses fund, which does not exclude Chinese banks investing in Tibet, of double standards

Swiss MPs seek pension fund support to seed venture capital scheme

United Utilities to shift asset allocation as scheme remains on funding course

PensionDanmark, PKA commit to DKK1.2bn climate investment fund

Swiss scheme tenders $200m high-yield debt mandate using IPE-Quest

Rabobank scheme invests €50m in Bouwinvest residential fund

Italian lawyers’ pension fund diversifies into European property


Invesco and IPE

The first European Institutional Real Estate Survey conducted by IPE, covering 83 pension funds with more than €100bn in property investments and total assets of €1.29trn.

European Institutional Real Estate Survey 2013(pdf)

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The Active Alpha Approach 
Petercam – Tuesday, January 14th 2014.

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