Perspectives for a sustainable development of Nordic aquaculture

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Perspectives for a sustainable development of Nordic aquaculture

The Paban-Report 

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Aquaculture is one of the fastest growing production sectors and the value of aquaculture is now about to surpass the value of capture fisheries. Among the Nordic countries, Norway in particular has been able to create a large aquaculture industry with high growth rates over a number of years. The other Nordic countries have only had limited growth, but have a high unutilized potential.

This report identifies seven focus areas with special potential for creation of a sustainable, competitive Nordic aquaculture sector. These areas are new feeds, better use and reuse of nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus and carbon), value adding of by-products, technological and regional development, domestication of new species and reduction of energy consumption.

The report describes the aquaculture sector with its strengths and weaknesses for each of the Nordic countries. It is compiled on basis of contributions from a Nordic group of experts presented at a seminar on Green Growth at the annual meeting of the Nordic Ministers of Fisheries.