Peak China? Check Out the New Edition of Our Globalist Chartroom

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“Ethical Markets highly recommends these charts on China, from our friends at THE GLOBALIST, especially now that the Chinese State Council appears to be hardening its position towards Hong Kong.

~Hazel Henderson , Editor“


The Globalist Chartroom: Peak China

A collection of charts, graphs and maps exploring what China leads the world in.

By The Globalist, May 22, 2020

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  • A collection of charts, graphs and maps exploring what China leads the world in.

As much as many countries try to excel at some things and can lead the world in others, China is in a different league.

Here are 15 things in which China is number one. They range from well-known categories to quite unexpected ones.

Where is China number one (but soon won’t be)?

Population — India will ctach up soon…


How big is China’s population?

It accounts for almost 20% of the world population. That means 1 out of every 5 people on this planet is Chinese


How many people speak Chinese as a first language?

1.3 billion — that is three times more than there are Spanish speakers


How many science, technology, engineering and mathematics graduates does China have per annum?

Almost 5 million — twice as much as India, which is in second place.


How much CO2 does China emit?

Over 11,000 megatons — as much as the United States, the EU and India combined


How many electric vehicles are sold in China?

600,000 — three times more than in the United States, which is in second place

How much does China’s industry produce annually?

$4 trillion worth — almost as much as the United States, Japan and Germany combined

What about China’s raw material consumption?

It’s a staggering amount — China uses up half of the world’s steel, copper, nickel, coal and cement

How much does China export?

$2.5 trillion — almost as much as the United States (at $1.7 trillion) and Germany (at $1.6 trillion), which are the second and third ranked exporters, combined

How many miles of high-speed rail does China have?

Almost 20,000! — more than the next 9 countries combined

What is the world’s biggest human migration — occurring annually?

Chinese New Year — it dwarfs all others. It is eight times more than in the United States at Thanksgiving

How large are China’s foreign currency reserves?

$3.1 trillion — that’s more than Japan, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and India combined

How much U.S. debt does China hold?

Over $1 trillion — only slightly ahead of Japan

How much clothes does China make for Europeans?

China makes 32% of the EU’s clothes — Bangladesh and Turkey are number 2 and 3

What is China’s biggest oil company?

Sinopec — it has revenues of almost $500 billion. That’s $50 billion more than Shell, the largest Western oil company