Partner Announcement: Lex Helius: The Law of Solar Energy Guidebook

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Partner Announcement: Lex Helius: The Law of Solar Energy Guidebook

Stoel Rives LLP

LEX HELIUSStoel Rives LLP, a U.S. business law firm, released its third edition of its solar energy guide, in English and Chinese. Titled Lex Helius: The Law of Solar Energy, the guide is part of a series of books published by Stoel Rives that provide developers, investors and lenders with a general overview of the legal issues encountered in a typical renewable energy project. Lex Helius reviews issues such as real property procedures, regulatory and permitting requirements, interconnection issues, power purchase negotiations, financing, taxes and construction contracting.

“The growth of solar energy in America has been phenomenal,” said Lex Helius editor and Stoel Rives attorney Morten Lund. “Recent state and federal policies and incentives have encouraged investment in solar energy, and the industry’s economics are increasingly attractive and competitive. Given the rapidly evolving business and regulatory environment, we wanted to provide our readers with the latest insights our solar energy professionals have to offer.”

Updated topics include incentives and tax features, financing structures, market conditions, permitting requirements, power purchase procedures, construction contracting, state and federal regulatory structure, and RECs and REC markets.

The new edition of Lex Helius can be downloaded at, along with The Law of Algae, The Law of Biofuels, The Law of Biomass, Lava Law – Legal Issues in Geothermal Energy Development, The Law of Marine and Hydrokinetic Energy and The Law of Wind (available in English and Chinese).

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