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This new book by my longtime friend Jeremy Rifkin (see him on our TV show on “THE FUTURE OF WORK” at www.EthicalMarkets.tv) is his magnum opus. On getting my review copy of his Empathetic Civilization, we chatted about his concepts of this rising consciousness among humans and compared it with my concepts of planetary awareness: in my dialogue with Diasaku Ikeda, Planetary Citizenship (2004) , in The Politics of the Solar Age (1981, 1988) and in Building A Win-Win World (1996). While I have always referred to this segment of the human family into sharing, caring and cooperating as the “love economy” (see our TV show THE UNPAID LOVE ECONOMY), Jeremy and I are in almost complete agreement, using different terminology! We agreed to renew our long collaboration. Yea! So thanks to Michel for this review of Jeremy’s book, which is on the very top of my reading pile! – Hazel Henderson, Ed.

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