OWS 1% Action Against Mitt Romney Fundraiser

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1% Action Against Mitt Romney Fundraiser http://shar.es/p36N7

Today, Republican Mitt  Romney will join Wall Street bankers for a fundraiser  at the Waldorf Astoria in midtown.

OWS wants to mobilize to show this radical 1% fringe that their time is up.

While community organizations, unions, and pro-worker coalitions will be out there, OWS wants to make sure that the message isn’t just about Romney’s record, or partisan politics. They want to highlight the the nightmare of corporate personhood, and the selling of our democracy to the top bidder.

But rather than just mix  in with other protests being planned, a group of participants from across OWS is proposing a fun rally to highlight Romney’s true masters, organizing a “1%ers for Romney (or Obama)” rally with people dressed to the nines— ball gowns and suits and tophats and tiaras— and signs that echo Romney’s own words, like “Corporations are People Too!” as well as “Buy Your Own Politician. Romney’s Mine” and “Ask Me About my Super PAC” etc.