Our new World Future Council film “Power to the People”

kristy Global Citizen

Season’s Greetings and Best Wishes for the New Year!

Dear Friends of the World Future Council, Councillors, and Supporters,

We thank you for your wonderful support for the World Future Council and wish you a very happy, peaceful and powerful new year. We would like to share our enthusiasm and inspirations with you, in the form of some of our short films:

Our new World Future Council film “Power to the People”

Power to the People in Africa: How we want to improve access to sustainable, renewable energy in Africa

The wonderful film “I will be a hummingbird”. Our late Honorary Councillor Wangari Maathai tells an inspiring tale of doing the best you can under seemingly interminable odds

A lively film celebrating our 2011 Future Policy Award

Please continue supporting us in spreading solutions to today’s most urgent global challenges. You can do this by telling your friends about the World Future Council, inviting them to follow our activities via our newsletter, Facebook or Twitter, or by generously donating to the WFC in general or for a specific project. Thank you.

Warmest thoughts and best wishes for the new year,

Your World Future Council Team