Opposition Growing to FCC Media Ownership Proposal

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Rep. John Lewis, Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, Congressional Hispanic Caucus Chairman Rep. Charles Gonzalez and Co-Chairmen of the Congressional Progressive Caucus Reps. Keith Ellison and Raul Grijalva sent a letter signed by 44 House members to the FCC. The letter addresses concerns about how the FCC’s proposal to relax its media ownership rules will impact diversity.

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Lautenberg Calls for More Consideration of Ownership Rules

Veteran News Corp. critic Sen. Frank Lautenberg is the latest legislator to ask FCC chairman Julius Genachowski to rethink his media ownership proposal.

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Future of the Internet

Russia Backs Down on Proposals to Regulate the Internet

A Russia-led coalition withdrew a proposal to give governments new powers over the Internet, a plan opposed by Western countries in talks on a new global telecom treaty.

Matt Smith, Reuters

Cold Water for Google Fiber Fans: Covering the Whole Country Could Cost $140 Billion

Bad news for those of us who would love to see Google expand its fiber network out to the entire country: Doing so may be prohibitively expensive.

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FTC Expected to Settle Google Patent Case

After months of negotiations, federal regulators and Google could reach a deal as soon as this week over how the search company uses its acquired stockpile of patents to target its competitors, according to sources close to the investigation.

Michelle Quinn and Elizabeth Wasserman, Politico


Media Policy at the FCC

Senate Commerce Slates Dec. 18 Vote on Clyburn Nomination

The Senate Commerce Committee has scheduled Dec. 18 for a markup hearing and vote on the renomination of Mignon Clyburn to the FCC and Joshua Wright as the new Republican commissioner of the Federal Trade Commission.

John Eggerton, Broadcasting & Cable

FCC Tackles Broadband Transition with New Taskforce

The FCC has formed a new taskforce with the goal of coordinating the Commission’s efforts on IP interconnection, resiliency of 21st-century communications networks, business broadband competition and consumer protection, with a particular focus on voice services.

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Journalism and Beyond

Number of Jailed Journalists Sets Global Record

Imprisonment of journalists worldwide reached a record high in 2012, driven in part by the widespread use of charges of terrorism and other anti-state offenses against critical reporters and editors, the Committee to Protect Journalists has found. In its annual census of imprisoned journalists, CPJ identified 232 individuals behind bars on Dec. 1, an increase of 53 over its 2011 tally.

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Why We Won’t Have Tablet-Native Journalism

We’re going to see universal journalism, which can be accessed — and possibly edited — in different ways on different devices. It might be free on the Web, for instance, while costing a couple of bucks in the form of a simple iOS app. Maybe it will be available only on iOS, but for business-model reasons, not because it couldn’t work on the Web. Or maybe, as in the case of Matter, it will be available in any format you like, for a single flat price.

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Men, College Grads and the Young Are More Engaged

In the growing realm of mobile news, men and the more highly educated emerge as more engaged news consumers, according to a new study by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism.

Pew Research Center

Magazine Closures Down 50 Percent

Magazine closures were down nearly 50 percent from last year, while launches declined 5 percent, according to a recent report.

Michael Rondon, Folio