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Welcome to the Winter 2018 issue of the Cooperative Business Journal!

NCBA CLUSA is pleased to announce that the Winter 2018 issue of the Cooperative Business Journal is now available online!

This issue of the Journal explores the intersection of cooperatives and the platform economy. As co-ops transition from a physical to a digital space, they are poised to disrupt the sector and ensure that technology-based businesses reflect the values of the people who use them.

Our Winter 2018 issue examines the role cooperatives can play in free and open internet access, how co-ops can transform the exploitative gig economy and how music sharing platforms could embrace true artist ownership. Our feature article envisions a “cooperative internet” that is people-centered and democratically controlled.

Read the articles here:

Next, the Internet
Building a cooperative digital space

The Gig is Up
Owning work in a platform economy

Owning Access
Local buyouts could keep ISPs accountable

Fair Play
Will artist ownership resonate with listeners?

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