On the Road to G20 +++ Fight Against the Climate Crisis +++ Reinventing Prosperity

Jay Owen Green Prosperity, Global Citizen, Beyond GDP


Civil20 Hand Over Recommendations to Chancellor Merkel
The Civil20 Summit in Hamburg discussed “The World We Want”.

On the Way to G20: Germany Hosts Africa Conference as Kick-Off Event
Everybody at the conference feels confident: investments in Africa will help stepping up future collaborations. But who will be the profiteer in the end?

With or Without Trump – The Fight Against Climate Change Is still On
He did it. Donald Trump shocked the world by announcing to withdraw the US from the Paris Climate Agreement. What are the reactions and what are the consequences?

Reading Suggestion: Reinventing Prosperity
In Reinventing Prosperity, Graeme Maxton and Jorgen Randers take a radically different approach and offer thirteen politically feasible proposals to improve our world.

– Plant-for-the-Planet –

Hero Award for Plant-for-the-Planet: Best Youth Act 2017
In Monaco, Felix Met Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Oscar Arias Sanchez

We Are Growing: Five New Plant-for-the-Planet Countries
Climate Justice Ambassadors were trained in Sweden, Norway, Ethiopia, Ireland and Russia

Thousands of New Fans in the US
How one article spreads our message