October Newsletter: We Are Regenerative Beings

Jay Owen Reforming Global Finance

Regenerative Beings

It is wonderful to be in touch with you in the forth quarter of what has been a beautiful year for Soul of Money Institute. From an amazing interview with Oprah on Super Soul Sunday to breakthroughs happening in women’s leadership to the relentless work to permanently protect the Amazon rainforest, we are celebrating a stage of growth and transformation. Not just for our organization, but for the world.

Inside of this celebration, we find ourselves marveling at the regenerative nature of life. Even in the face of some of the great struggles of this year, from natural disasters to narcissistic political regimes, life always seems to know how to burst forth when we most need it to.

How can we let the regenerative current of life flow through us? How can we become good stewards of this aspect of our nature? Thank you for being in these questions with us.

The Remarkable Women’s Journey

Sara Vetter and I had the privilege of traveling deep into the Amazon Rainforest this fall to lead 3 outstanding groups of people on journeys to the heart of the world.

For our third trip, we led a group of 11 women of enormous power, visibility, and accomplishment who are in our Remarkable Women’s Journey program. The trip was a watershed experience for all of them, and for us as well.

We were able to connect deeply with the Sápara people in South Central Ecuador who consider themselves the keepers of the spirit of the sacred headwaters of the forest. It was a stunning privilege to participate in their rituals, to be blessed by them, and to immerse ourselves in the absolutely exquisite beauty of their forest territory.

We are excited to be offering the Remarkable Women’s Journey program again in 2018.

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