Obama Will Name Former Telecom Lobbyist as FCC Chair

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Media Policy at the FCC

Obama Ally Likely Pick for FCC

President Obama is expected to nominate Tom Wheeler, a venture capital investor and fundraiser in Obama’s presidential campaigns, as chairman of the FCC. Wheeler, who more than a decade ago led two telecom industry trade groups, has prompted concern in recent weeks from some consumer advocacy groups that anticipated his nomination and said they were troubled by his background investing in and lobbying for cable and wireless companies.

Edward Wyatt, New York Times

Obama to Name Wheeler to Head FCC

President Barack Obama is expected to tap a venture capitalist and former lobbyist to be the country’s next top telecom-industry regulator.

Danny Yadron, Wall Street Journal

Obama Will Name Former Telecom Lobbyist Tom Wheeler as FCC Head

The White House will soon name former telecom industry lobbyist and businessman Tom Wheeler as the head of the FCC.

Adi Robertson, The Verge

Obama to Name Tom Wheeler as New FCC Chairman

President Obama is expected to nominate Tom Wheeler, a technology investor and former head of two major trade associations, as the next chairman of the FCC. The FCC needs a strong leader — someone who will use this powerful position to stand up to industry giants and protect the public interest. On paper, Tom Wheeler does not appear to be that person, having headed not one but two major trade associations. But he now has the opportunity to prove his critics wrong, clean up the mess left by his predecessor and be the public servant we so badly need at the FCC.

Free Press

Obama’s New FCC Head Is a Lobbyist

After months of rumors about who’ll be the next leader of the FCC — or even whether the last head, Julius Genachowski, would ever leave — the White House has finally confirmed that Tom Wheeler’s the guy. He’s been a lobbyist for the cable industry and cellphone carriers. So why hasn’t Tom Wheeler’s appointment sparked outrage?

Lydia Depillis, New Republic

Future of the Internet

Yahoo Backs New Bill to Support Net Neutrality in Brazil

Yahoo announced it is officially supporting the Marco Civil da Internet bill that is expected to be voted through the Brazilian Congress in the coming months. The bill has been dubbed the “Constitution of the Internet” and aims to guarantee civil rights online.

Margot Huysman, The Next Web

Craving Wi-Fi, Preferably Free and Really Fast

Travelers hitting the road with their mobile electronic devices have three questions about staying connected away from home: Will there be Wi-Fi, how much will it cost and how well will it work? Increasingly, it is that last question that matters most.

Susan Stellin, New York Times

When Will Google Fiber Take Over the World?

Big ISPs like Time Warner Cable and others are starting to respond to Google Fiber, as they must. Even if they eventually build out services that match Google’s speed and pricing, however, the damage has been done and subscribers won’t quickly forget the years of terrible, overpriced service they have endured. It’s time for a fresh face.

Zach Epstein, BGR

Journalism and Beyond

U.S. Newspapers’ Average Circulation Dips 0.7 Percent

U.S. newspapers continue to lose readers, but digital subscription growth is muddling the task of counting circulation. Average daily circulation slipped 0.7 percent for the six months ending March 31 vs. the period a year ago for the 593 U.S. newspapers reporting comparable averages for print and digital subscriptions.

Roger Yu, USA Today

Newspaper Guild Issues Statement About Tribune, Koch Brothers and Objective News

“We call on Tribune to make a pledge that they’ll only sell to a buyer that will protect the objectivity of the news product by making a public commitment to doing so,” said the Newspaper Guild and Communications Workers of America.

Jim Romenesko, JimRomenesko.com

Utah Prosecutor Dismisses Suddenly High-Profile ‘Ag Gag’ Case

One day after the case made headlines, prosecuters in Draper, Utah have dismissed a misdemeanor against an animal-welfare activist who filmed a Utah slaughterhouse.

Jim Dalrymple II, Salt Lake Tribune

An Ag-Gag Backfire

City officials in Draper, Utah, may hope that their quick dismissal of charges against an animal cruelty opponent who apparently did nothing more than take a video from a public place will end the controversy over the Utah “ag-gag” law and the questionable use of that law in a way that would seem to benefit the mayor’s own business interests.

Salt Lake Tribune

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Stop the Koch Brothers

The bankrupt Tribune Company is selling its daily newspapers, including the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times. Charles and David Koch — billionaire brothers notorious for their extreme politics — may be the buyers. Tell the Tribune Co.: Don’t sell your papers to the Koch brothers.

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