Nominate a school in your community to go solar

Jay Owen Green Prosperity

Dear Mosaic Community,

Everytime I drop my two girls off at school I look upwards and wish there were solar panels on the roof. Fewer than 1% of schools in the United States are solar powered, largely due to financing issues. Today I’m excited to announce Mosaic’s Solar Schools program to help parents, teachers, students, school administrators and others nominate a school in their community to go solar.

Fill out this short form to nominate your school to go solar

After you nominate a school in your community, Mosaic will reach out to our network of solar developers who may be able to provide a quote for the cost of solar and show how much money the school could save. If the economics of the project work out and the school officials sign off on going solar, the school may qualify for crowdsourced funding through Mosaic’s platform.

Nominate your school to join Mosaic’s Solar Schools program today