No EV Charger, No Problem for Half of Americans

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No EV Charger, No Problem for Half of Americans
Nearly half of the U.S. population parks within 20 feet of an outlet.

Will 2012 Be the Summer of Smart Grid to the Rescue?
East Coast heat waves, ConEd lockouts, a SoCal nuclear plant offline, and other summer woes give smart grid a chance to shine.

New Federal Grid Rules for Solar and Wind
“Attempting to fit variable renewable energy resources into these operating practices is often like trying to fit a round peg into a square hole.”

DJ Patil, Data Scientist in Residence at Greylock Partners, to Keynote The Soft Grid
Conference on big data and analytics for utilities features former LinkedIn chief scientist.

Pepco and Comverge Reach Into 300,000 Homes With Demand Response
Comverge goes with direct load control while others jump into dynamic pricing.

Melrose to Acquire Elster, Smart Meter Giant, for $2.3B
British firm Melrose to acquire the German metering giant for the rumored $20.50 per share.

AMI Vendors Ship 3.2 Million Units in Q1 2012; 10 Million More Forecasted by End of Year
GTM Research and Howard Scott of Cognyst Advisors announce the launch of The GTM Scott AMI Market Tracker with incisive data from Q1 2012 AMI markets.

REstore: Balancing Europe’s Wind and Solar With EVs, Cold Storage
Demand response in Europe is all about balancing renewable energy.