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Fall 2014

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  • Observatory Director
  • New airborne data available
  • New higher education video on LiDAR data
  • Construction updates
  • Fall into Phenology
  • 2014 NEON summer intern blogs
  • Call for papers: Understanding uncertainty in remotely sensed vegetation data products
  • New jobs in NEON science

NEON hires new Observatory Director


Christopher J. (CJ) Loria will join NEON, Inc. as its next Observatory Director in early October 2014, where he will be responsible for leading the Observatory through its transition to full operations.

“We are excited to have someone with such profound leadership skills, technical experience and a commitment to getting the science right as we’re getting in CJ. He is the right candidate to be in this position at such a critical juncture for NEON,” said NEON, Inc. Chief Executive Officer, Russ Lea. 


Read more about CJ Loria’s appointment 

2013 airborne LiDAR and Hyperspectral data from four sites in the Pacific Southwest now available


In June 2013, NEON conducted a series of airborne remote sensing surveys at three NEON terrestrial sites and one aquatic site located in central California. These NEON Domain 17 sites represent diverse ecosystems ranging from open woodland dominated by oaks and digger pine, mixed conifer/deciduous forest, and red fir forest. The remote sensing data collected during these flights have been processed and several first-level engineering data products are available for distribution.


Read more about currently available airborne data

NEON presents its first higher education video


NEON is excited to present its first video in a series of multimedia resources. The Story of LiDAR Data provides a general overview of LiDAR data and highlights how LiDAR data is used to measure structural characteristics of trees.  


Watch the video  

Construction update


Civil construction is complete on 31 terrestrial and aquatic sites. Sensor installation is underway at 10 sites and NEON successfully completed field sampling at 16 sites this year. 


 For all sites under construction and the latest updates  

Join the 4th annual Fall into Phenology campaign


Celebrate the beginning of fall with Project BudBurst’s 4th Annual Fall into Phenology campaign. Fall is a great time to observe leaves changing color and falling, fruits ripening, and flowers blooming. Grab a Single Report form and tell us what the plants around you are doing this fall. Together, we can learn more about how plants respond to changes in their environment.   

Read more about Fall into Phenology

Summer in review: Reflections by NEON interns


NEON’s 2014 undergraduate interns wrote blog posts reflecting on their summer experiences at NEON headquarters in Boulder. Over the course of September, we will share these posts on our blog, NEON Notes. Each story provides a unique perspective on the Project and our internship program. 


Read the first post in the series, “From the University to the Field”   

Call for papers: Understanding uncertainty in remotely sensed vegetation data products


NEON staff and collaborators from the Rochester Institute of Technology and U.S. Geological Survey are guest editing a special edition of Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing. The manuscript submission deadline is November 1, 2014.

Read manuscript submission guidelines



Featured career opportunities: New roles in NEON scientific leadership


Observatory Scientist
Deputy Observatory Director


More NEON science jobs:

See all posted NEON career opportunities


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