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Parliamentary Assembly


Swiss Senate calls on federal government to consider a UN Parliamentary Assembly

03 December 2018

Swiss Senators unanimously request a statement on the UN’s democratic deficit / A postulate submitted last week by Daniel Jositsch, a member of the Swiss Senate from Zurich, instructs the federal government of Switzerland to report on whether it perceives a democratic deficit to exist at the United Nations and to consider the proposal of a UN Parliamentary Assembly.


Elected representatives issue call to action for a UN Parliamentary Assembly

08 November 2018

Lawmakers establish new international group / A group of elected representatives was established at an international online meeting in November with the goal to promote the establishment of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA). The new Parliamentary Group for a UNPA adopted a call to action warning that “the United Nations, the multilateral order and democracy are under attack.” They called on legislators across the world to join the group and strengthen efforts for a UNPA.


Debate on a World Parliament: “We cannot wait for another disaster”

30 October 2018

Democracy Without Borders Sweden, together with the Global Challenges Foundation and the Institute for Future Studies organized a seminar on the book A World Parliament: Governance and Democracy in the 21st Century by Andreas Bummel and Jo Leinen which was published in spring 2018. More than 50 persons with an academic background and from other parts of civil society participated.