News from NEF: true cost of austerity, the debt trap and Honda closure

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Austerity is subduing UK economy by more than £3,600 per household this year
New NEF analysis shows that the economy has been suppressed by almost £100bn in 2019/19 alone. Read the analysis here and read Alfie Stirling’s piece for Left Foot Forward here.

Help end the misery of debt for millions
Around eight million people are caught in a debt trap, paying out an average of a quarter of their income a month to lenders. We want a cap on all forms of household credit. Take action and email your MP

The Honda closure and the weakness in the British economy
There has been a marked failure to make the UK fit for purpose in a world of rapid emissions cuts, writes Alice Martin for New Statesman.

Green New Deal: the UK edition
The Green New Deal just keeps gathering momentum. Rebecca Willis asks, what can the UK learn from goings on across the pond? Read more

Landing the blame: overfishing in the North East Atlantic 2019
New NEF research uncovers the EU member states most responsible for setting fishing quotas above scientific advice. Read more


Weekly Economics Podcast: Public Ownership 2.0
Privatisation has failed – but what kind of public ownership should replace it? How do we bring railways, water, and energy back into public hands? Listen

Weekly Economics Podcast: What does a progressive border policy look like?
Between Windrush, deportation flights and the Immigration Bill, it can be hard at the moment to imagine that a more humane immigration policy might be possible. But we’re tackling it on the pod. Listen

The Housing Podcast: Are for-profit housing associations the future of social housing?
NEF Head of Housing Joe Beswick appeared on The Housing Podcast to discuss the financialisation of social housing. Listen

In the news

UK economy £100bn smaller because of austerity
Our latest research showing the impact of austerity on the UK economy was covered in The Guardian, The Independent, Bloomberg, and more.