News from NEF: algorithms, the green transition, and household debt

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“Ethical Markets highly recommends this excellent report from our longtime friends at the  London-based New Economics Foundation.  I was proud to serve on its founding board of trustees and author its “Beyond Globalization“ (1999)!

We are following these IT and algorithm issues (see my “The Future of Democracy Challenged in the Digital Age: CADMUS, Oct, 2018;  “The Idiocy of Things“ (2017) and “Let’s Train  Humans Before We Train Machines“ (2018) (all free downloads at

~Hazel Henderson , Editor“

New Economics Foundation


Digital self-control

Digital self-control: algorithms, accountability and our digital selves
Latest research from NEF looks at how we can hold algorithms accountable, as they enter ever more controversial areas of our lives. Read the full research and a piece from Duncan McCann on what we can learn on the anniversary of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

No-deal Brexit or not, the UK has never been less prepared for recession
The UK’s economic stabilisers – our system of tax and benefits – needs reinforcing with a Weekly National Allowance, writes Alfie Stirling in the New Statesman.

Why not spend a little more?
Building a new green economy will cost money. David Powell asks: where do we start? Read more

Government attempts to ‘live within its means’ have led to UK households living beyond theirs
The latest ONS stats show that soaring household debts are a result of the failed austerity programme, writes Frank Van Lerven. Read more

“Regions and nations must still wait for handouts from London”
In a letter for the Guardian, Andrew Pendleton wrote about our latest research on the regional inequality of HS2.

Good green jobs for all
On Monday we are hosting an event in Westminster discussing a just transition to a green jobs revolution with Rebecca Long-Bailey (Labour Party), Caroline Lucas MP (Green Party), Clare Hymer (Novara Media), Tim Page (TUC), and Asad Rehman (War on Want), chaired by Ann Pettifor (PRIME). Find out more