New WFC-Report: ‘The Climate-Nuclear Nexus: Exploring the linkages between climate change and nuclear threats’

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New Report – Available Now

Despite an increased understanding of the climate and nuclear threat, little attention has been given to how they may interact with each other! Today, we launched our new report ‘The Climate-Nuclear Nexus’, which aims to fill this gap.

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PRINCIPAL AUTHOR: Jürgen Scheffran
CONTRIBUTING AUTHORS:John Burroughs, Anna Leidreiter, Rob van Riet, Alyn Ware

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“The two perils have a great deal in common. Both are the fruit of swollen human power—in the one case, the destructive power of war; in the other, the productive power of fossil-fuel energy. Both put stakes on the table of a magnitude never present before in human decision making. Both threaten life on a planetary scale. Both require a fully global response.

Anyone concerned by the one should be concerned with the other. It would be a shame to save the Earth from slowly warming only to burn it up in an instant in a nuclear war”

Jonathan Schell