New social and environmental impact indexes | Giving more “choice” for investments

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“Ethical Markets welcomes this new set of ESG Indexes, helping align retail investors’ higher values with those of older, traditional advisors.

Our advice, also to our Millennial friends is:  if your investment advisor tells you that cleaner, greener 21st century companies are “too risky“,  you can  tell them that 19th and 20th century investments in fossilized sectors are MUCH MORE RISKY!

If they argue, fire them and consult our free of Ethical Money Directory at

~Hazel Henderson, Editor“

FTSE Russell adds new sustainable investment indexes to its suite

FTSE Russell

Giving more “choice” for investmentsAn increasing number of investors want to align their values with their portfolio. One way to achieve this objective is to select companies based on their impact on society and the environment.


In response to market demand, FTSE Russell has announced the launch of the
FTSE Global Choice Index Series, our first standard index family to combine several categories of ESG-related exclusions in its design.

FTSE Global Choice Index Series

The FTSE Global Choice Index Series is designed to help investors align their portfolios with their individual values by selecting companies based on the impact of their conduct and products on society and the environment.

The Index Series consists of the following indexes:

  • FTSE Global All Cap ex US Choice Index
  • FTSE US All Cap Choice Index
  • FTSE Developed ex Australia ex Non-Renewable Energy/Vice Products/Weapons Index


  • Clear, simple rules-based method for defining the social and environmental impacts of companies’ products and conduct
  • Customizable “building block” approach enables the future expansion of the series as it accommodates the differing ESG values of clients
  • Based on the broad market index universe, FTSE Global All Cap Index, which captures 98% of the world’s investable market capitalization
  • Global coverage across emerging/developed and large/mid/small cap
  • Measures social and environmental impact according to both company products (e.g. Tobacco, Weapons) and conduct (e.g. Diversity)