New Scientist: “Call AI By a Better Name”

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“Ethical Markets agrees with New Scientist!  I proposed re-naming so-called “AI” (which is just an advertising slogan):  “Human -Trained Machine Learning”, because there’s nothing artificial about it!  See my  “Let’s Teach Humans…Before We Teach Machines”.

Also  see my “The Idiocy of Things “ and  “The Future of Democracy Challenged in the Digital Age“, CADMUS, Oct. 2018“

~Hazel Henderson, Editor“

An AI conference warns we are using the wrong words to talk about it

We’re using the wrong words to talk about artificial intelligence. The 11th of our 12 Days of Culture shows where we’ve gone wrong and why it really matters

dishcloth image

How a humble dishcloth (left) was Turneresqued by trained software

Memo Akten,learning to see : gloomy sunday

AI: More than human, Barbican Centre, London, 16 May to 26 August; Belief in AI: Designing tomorrow’s intelligence symposium, Dubai

THIS year, the Barbican Centre in London will explore the promise and perils of artificial intelligence in a festival of films, workshops, concerts, talks and exhibitions. Even before the show opens, however, I have a bone to pick: what on earth induced the organisers to call their show AI: More than human?

More than human? What are we being sold …

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