NEW REPORT: Greening the Economy–A strategy for growth, jobs and success.

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A report from the Aldersgate Group

Aldersgate Group call for action on green growth to create jobs and reduce the deficit

UK is losing momentum to emerging economies in the green economy;

Aldersgate Group report sets out a green growth strategy to reduce the budget deficit and create jobs;

United Nations study finds that green investments will produce a higher rate of GDP growth over a six year period.

Last night, the Aldersgate Group launched a new report, Greening the Economy (find attached), which sets out a green growth strategy to reduce the budget deficit and drive a dynamic economic recovery by increasing output and creating jobs. At the launch event, Defra Minister Lord Henley said the report “is a very important step in moving the debate forward”.

The report finds that governments around the world are implementing plans to attract global investment in environmental technologies and the UK is losing momentum in this green economy race. Examples of green growth strategies include China’s new Five Year Plan that seeks to underpin a ‘clean revolution’ in its economic development and India’s National Action Plan on Climate Change that is projected to stimulate US$1 trillion of investment over the next decade.

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