New FAIRR report on sustainable protein

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“Ethical Markets highly recommends this ground-breaking report “APPETITE FOR DISRUPTION” a deeply-researched, insightful report from FAIRR to investors, asset managers and the public on the dangers in our global food system, how to mitigate them by changing course toward more plant-based diets.

This report is corroborated by our Green Transition Scoreboard reports, pointing in similar directions toward healthier human diets and reducing CO2 emissions and stabilizing climate disruption (these are freed downloads at

The revolution in human food and agriculture is unavoidable, and can also provide many opportunities. For full disclosure: we are members of FAIRR.

~Dr. Hazel Henderson, Editor“

FAIRR is delighted to announce the release of our new report, Appetite for disruption, which details how prepared 25 global food companies are when it comes to leveraging consumer trends and technology towards building a low-carbon protein portfolio. The report is an update of  FAIRR’s Sustainable Protein engagement, which was launched back in 2016 backed by 36 investors managing $1.25 trillion of assets. Today, the engagement is supported by 74 institutional investors, representing combined assets of $5.3 trillion.

It provides investors with the tools for engaging and evaluating company progress towards protein diversification, and includes interviews with the CEOs of some of the alternative protein startups, including Memphis Meats, Impossible Burger and Perfect Day.

FAIRR Members can login to access the full report. Non-FAIRR Members can download the summary report.

Benchmarking 25 companies using FAIRR’s evaluation framework