New facts about employee ownership in September 2011

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Two particular organizations in the UK
Two particular organizations has had a major influence on the popularity of employee ownership in the UK. The first was founded in 1979, with the help of the John Lewis Partnership, Scott Bader and other companies, and originally established as a consultancy, known as Job Ownership Ltd. It was the brainchild of Robert Oakeshott, who died in June this year. Robert was a founder member of the  European Federation of Employee Share Ownership in 1998. It changed later its name to the Employee Ownership Association, acting as “the voice of co-owned business in the UK”. The second organization known as ifs ProShare was founded (originally as ProShare) in 1992 by HM Treasury, the London Stock Exchange and a consortium of major companies. It provides “a voice for the Employee Share Ownership (ESO) industry in the UK”.

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