New Action Video – 99% Choir Forecloses on Bank of America!

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Check out Backbone Campaign’s latest creative collaboration with the the Other 98%, and our allies at Washington Community Action Network and the Seattle Labor Chorus:

It was a meaningful and fun way to get into the Holiday spirit of justice and dignity for all. Join me in the New Year’s resolution to win principal reduction for underwater mortgages and break up the “Too Big to Exist” Wall Street Banks. Doesn’t that sound like fun?!

For related organizing tools, podcasts, action and training opportunities visit the Backbone Campaign. Our resource page will help those interested in organizing their community to move money out of the Wall Street banks. And our Bail Out America – Occupy Our Homes podcast and resource page in an incredible way to get up to speed on the best strategies for fighting evictions and pushing for a real solution to the housing finance crisis.

Thanks again to John Sellers of the Other98% for instigating this action, as well as Mark Graham, Logan Price, Bob Barnes, the musicians, singers, videographers, photographer and all who made this action fun and successful.

“Deck the Jails with Wall Street Bankers, fa la la la La la La La La!”