MUM Hosts Sustainability Symposium

Ethical Markets Green Prosperity

Congratulations to Hazel Henderson on her lifetime achievement award from Maharishi University School of Management.  Thank you for your “lifetime of devotion to humanity.”  Ethical Markets Team

“Deep Green Business” was the title of the highly successful symposium the business department hosted on July 6-7, to highlight the role of consciousness in creating sustainable businesses and a sustainable world.

The goal of the conference was to explore sustainability at the deepest level. “We wanted to show the practical applications of the expansion of consciousness and how Maharishi’s technologies of consciousness are essential to truly create a sustainable world and Heaven on Earth,” said Dr. Vicki Alexander Herriott, co-chair of the Department of Business Administration.

She summarized years of research showing that regular practice of the Transcendental Meditation® technique results in increased creativity, improved moral reasoning, and increased self-actualization — behavioral traits that contribute to action in accordance with natural law. She quoted Maharishi Mahesh Yogi:

“When Transcendental Meditation is practiced by the people, national consciousness, collective consciousness becomes alive with natural law, the Constitution of the Universe and all aspects of society become evolutionary, progressive, and harmonious.”

Hazel Henderson, founder of Ethical Markets Media, gave the keynote speech, “Planetary Awareness Driving the Green Transition.” She is a world-renowned futurist, evolutionary economist, and consultant on sustainable development. Ms. Henderson was presented the Maharishi Award for Natural Law and Order for her lifetime of devotion to humanity.

The symposium also featured experts from China, Spain, MUM, and Fairfield. The discussion covered such topics such as the application of the expansion of consciousness in the field of economics and finance as well as consumer attitudes and buying patterns. Dr. John Ikerd, nationally recognized authority in sustainable agriculture and author of Sustainable Capitalism, gave a talk on “Managing for Sustainability.”

Several local businesspeople discussed their experience with sustainable business transformation, and MUM faculty members gave presentations on subjects covered in the MBA in Sustainable Business program such as socially responsible investing.

“The comments and suggestions we received encouraged us to have a longer symposium next time,” said Dr. Alexander Herriott. “We hope to make this an annual event.”