[MP-PC] Press Release on GFIS

Jay Owen Trendspotting

We at ethical markets welcome the  GLOBAL futures INTELLIGENCE SYSTEM ,the  innovative, public interest global think tank now on mobile devices,   and are proud  of our role in its development  – Hazel Henderson, Editor

“This is a fabulous tool to clarify the complexity of the world; you don’t have to go all over the Internet to understand something; this gets it all together,” said Philippe Destatte, Director of The Destree Institute (Namur, Wallonia) and a sponsor of the Brussels launch of the Global Futures Intelligence System held at Royal Academy of belgium along with the Club of Rome European Union Chapter and Deloitte.

Anyone can now go to http://www.themp.org with their mobile phone and the system will detect that they are using a phone, not a regular computer and transfer from the usual computer-display mode to the new mobile version of the Global Futures Intelligence System.

“You can now have global intelligence on the future of the world in the palm of your hand”, explains Jerome Glenn, ceo of The Millennium Project. Overviews, situation charts, references and latest relevant news on the most important challenges facing humanity are now all available at a click. The system presents distillations of the present situation, prospects, and strategies to address issues ranging from climate change to governance, S&T, economics, ethics, education and more. Although simple and elegant to use, there are over 10,000 pages of research, charts, and graphs available.