More important: jobs or clean water?

kristy Green Prosperity, Earth Systems Science

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Every year, 860 billion gallons of raw sewage spill into our waterways – enough to cover the entire state of Pennsylvania one inch deep.

Here’s the good news: fixing that problem creates jobs.

A new report from Green For All out today found that we could create nearly 1.9 million jobs – employing one out of every seven unemployed people – and inject over a quarter of a trillion dollars into the economy by fully upgrading America’s aging water and stormwater infrastructure. You can view the report here.

But it will take political courage to call for that investment.

So we’re asking you to get involved. The White House has a new petition tool called We The People. If a petition gets 5,000 signatures, the Administration will review the contents. We set up a petition asking the White House to fully invest in upgrading our water systems.

We need your help – sign our petition today!

Let’s put people to work – and keep our waterways clean. It’s exactly what the green economy is supposed to look like. Help us make it real.

Thank you,

Green For All Team