‘Money & Life’ Doc Frames New Economy of Living Systems

kristy The Power of Yin

In the documentary Collapse, Michael Ruppert puts an incredibly fine point on the fact that, upon a foundation of finite energy, we have built an economic system that demands infinite growth. He adds that we are currently at the collision point of those two forcibly exclusive ideas. Like the various Zeitgeist films, it is a fascinating framing that, no doubt, includes much truth blended with a fair amount of speculation. It inspires the viewer to think, if not act, but its main catalyst is that of fear.

Enter first-time director Katie Teague who is in the final stages of taking a different tack toward the subject with her Money & Life documentary. Still, any venture such as this requires funding and so Teague finds herself turning to the true believers for Kickstarter donations in order to put the finishing touches on the piece.

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