Monetary Reform Plank of the US Green Party (Greening the dollar)

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Friday, September 3, 2010
U.S. Green Party National Committee Approves Monetary Reform Plank:
Monetary Reform Plank of the US Green Party (Greening the dollar)

While the banking reforms outlined in the above 12 points are very important to ameliorate the present crisis in our banking system, to affect long term, transformative change, it is imperative that we restructure our poorly conceived monetary system. The present mis-structured system of privatized control has resulted in the misdirection of our resources to speculation, toxic loans, and phony financial instruments that create huge profits for the few but no real wealth or jobs. It is both possible and necessary for our government to take back its special money creation privilege and spend this money into circulation through a carefully controlled policy of directing funds, through community banks and interest-free loans, to local and state government entities to be used for infrastructure, health, education, and the arts. This would add millions of good jobs, enrich our communities, and go a long ways toward ending the current deep recession.

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