Mobilising for Privacy & Data Protection GDPR

Jay Owen Global Citizen, Information Technology Issues

At the GDPR Institut, we recognize that COVID 19 has changed the way you do business. More than ever, you need to utilize the right expertise and deploy the best tools to ensure your privacy strategy is effective. In a recent BrightTALK webinar, Mobilising for Privacy & Data Protection GDPR, we presented effective ways to manage compliance initiatives and mitigate risks, all while keeping costs to a minimum.

We now offer GDPR Success Assurance, designed so that your company can get quick answers to the many questions that you have about GDPR or CCPA. This service assigns to you a GDPR Institut specialist, located in the EU or US to answer any questions you may. Questions such as:

–     Did my data inventory get the job done?

–     How do I initiate an effective audit across all compliance processes?

–     What tools do I use to manage retention of Personally Identifiable Information?


GDPR Success Assurance is available for a one off or monthly fee of £69.99 inclusive (US $87.00). You will also be given free Annual Membership to the GDPR Institut affording you access to all our resources.  Click here to view and subscribe to the offer

GDPR and CCPA require fluid responses that typically involve research. Save time by putting the expertise of the GDPR Institut to work for your company.

For more information visit our website at or email  [email protected]

Martyn Blake