Mini Trip: Seoul, Korea

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Mini Trip: Seoul, Korea


The Korean Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Korean Creative Content Agency brought me to Seoul to keynote their conference about Future Media Contents and Platforms. I spoke about the need for international governance and standards for artificial narrow intelligence’s evolution to artificial general intelligence, augmented and collective intelligence, conscious-technology, AI/avatars and digital duplicate selves (cyber immortality), self-actualization economy, and how social media could help counter information warfare.


I spoke with Youngsook Park, Chair of the Korean Node of the Millennium Project and several others about improving the layout and possible production of the Future Work/Technology 2050 draft report shared at the MP meeting in Bolivia. We also talked about appointing university student Ambassadors to the Future and how Embassies to the Future might be created in several Korean universities. Mira Kwak member of the MP Cyber Node is exploring how to build on Frank Catanzaro’s cyber futures work for The Millennium Project.  Jin Park, former Member of the National Assembly and now president of the Asia Future Institute is ready to explore creating the Asia regional Millennium Project with Node chairs in Asia similar to RIBER and FEN. I also met with Professor Yong Sam Lee of Daegu Haany University and Dr. Minho Kang who has offered the help of a network of retired executives and professors in disseminating the results of the Future Work/Technology 2050 report and helping to initiate the Ambassadors to the Future program.


Youngsook has come out with another Korean version of the state of the future with the 15 Global Challenges and other issues and applications for Korea called the World Future Report 2019


There were several press interviews on these subjects. For those who do not read Korean, you can use Google Translate for this article: although it contains a few errors: 1) we have been producing the State of the Future reports since 1997; 2) MP has been independent of UN relations since 2009, we are not under the UN, we are an independent international organization that does receive funds from UN agencies from time to time; 3) I did not say Russia and China will win the AI race and rule the world; 4) I referred to SingularityNet not Singing Trade Net; and 4) this scrambles three distinct concepts into one confusing non-sense sentence: brain science research has been conducted in two parts, consciousness and technology, the combination is now accelerating.





Jerome C. Glenn

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