Millennium Project Trip Report: Seoul, Korea

Jay Owen Trendspotting

“Ethical Markets recommends this report by our colleague Jerome Glenn, co-founder of the Millennium Project, producers of the annual STATE OF THE FUTURE REPORTS.

I serve on the Planning Committee.    Hazel Henderson, Editor“

The Financial News of Korea along with the Ministries of Science and Technology, and Information and Communication brought me back to Seoul to keynote their 10th Future ICT Forum June 27th where I talked about the future Conscious-Technology civilization, Next Technologies (NT), the Great Brain Race, and counters to information warfare.



There were a series of press articles about my keynote, but there has so many incorrect statements I did not want to put the weblinks here. The Financial News will do a feature article in a week, hopefully more accurate than the previous ones. Youngsook Park, chair of the Korean Node of The Millennium Project posted the first 19 minutes of the talk at:


The next day Youngsook and I went to the Korean National Assembly to meet with the director of one-year old Future Institute, his staff, and a general session open to other staff members of the National Assembly. The new Future Institute is to conduct futures research of importance to the legislative branch of the Korean government. We discussed the need for future forms of democracy that might resolve the conflict and stalemates between the executive and legislative branches of government, training in futures research methods, a Korean collective intelligence system, and other applications developed by The Millennium Project. We have agreed in principle to work with the Futures Institute to develop these. I then gave a several hour session on future issues and how to write scenarios for Korean universal basic income to 2030 with Youngsook and colleagues.


Youngsook is working with former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and TV Chosun to create a conference in late October to explore future methods to reduce air pollution and global warming, which might be followed by a seminar on future democracy with the Futures Institute that could include several from The Millennium Project…will let you know how this evolves. Meanwhile, the Korean translation of Work/Technology 2050: Scenarios and Actions should be available in a week or so.