MiaSole Sold to China’s Hanergy for $30 Million


October 1, 2012


News | Thin Film


Update: MiaSole Sold to China’s Hanergy for $30 Million
Eric Wesoff – September 29, 2012

Another thin-film solar firm sold to China. Another VC-funded disaster?

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Solar Stat of the Day: PV Systems Installed Ten Times Faster in Germany
Eric Wesoff – September 28, 2012

7.5 hours versus 75 hours and $0.55 per watt cheaper just on labor

News | Smart Grid


Silver Spring and the Promise of a Faster-to-Market Smart Grid
Jeff St. John – September 28, 2012

Speed-to-value, rapid-deployment solutions, and other smart grid initiatives to get utilities up and running in record time

News | Energy Efficency


Cleanweb Hackathon Returns to NYC
Katherine Tweed – September 28, 2012

Hackers come together to solve some of the world’s toughest resource problems—in 28 hours or less.