Mercado Ético, Ethical Markets affiliate in Brazil, receives Jornalista & Cia / HSBC Award in Sustainability

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Mercado Ético, ethical markets affiliate in Brazil, receives Jornalista & Cia / HSBC Award in Sustainability

Sao Paulo, Brazil, Nov. 5, 2013 ~ Mercado Ético, ethical markets affiliate in Brazil, received the Media Specialized in Sustainability of the Year Award given by Jornalista & Cia / HSBC Press. This title crowns nearly six years of the portal´s dedication to the environmental agenda.

Ethical Markets brazil is part of a global media platform created by evolutionary economist hazel henderson. Our goal is to disseminate information, exemplary practices, researches, reflections and debates to inspire and motivate people to engage in building a more just, equitable and environmentally balanced society,” explains the president of the portal, Christina Carvalho Pinto, a global leader in creating new visions for brands and media.

The credibility of an award like this can be testified by the composition of the Advisory Board, which is responsible, among other duties, for choosing the winner of Media of the Year. The group is composed by personalities from NGOs, Universities and Institutes such as WWF – Brazil,  TNC brazil – The Nature Conservancy Brazil, Abracom – Brazilian Association of Communication Agencies, Center for Integrated Studies on Climate Change and the Environment, University FGV, Conservation International Foundation, Green Building Council Brazil, Febraban, Aberje – Brazilian Association of Corporate Communication and USP, the University of sao paulo.

“It is a great joy to have our work acknowledged by people representing such organizations. It puts even more weight to this achievement, mainly because there are great initiatives out there”, says Henrique Andrade Camargo, editor-in-chief of Mercado Ético. “But it is very important to remember – and these are not empty words, believe me – that such an achievement would not be possible without the network built up by Ethical Markets in Brazil even with Mercado Ético’s short history. Without our content partners, we would not be able to deliver on our own all we have done so far. So, I would like to share this award with the entire community of media and journalists dedicated to environmental coverage”, adds Henrique Camargo.

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