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Financial TimesClimate change is a business problem(link is external), Mike Scott

Probably the most interesting green bonds article of this month is one by Mike Scott of Financial Times. Written in the perspective of the UN IPCC report calling for a drastic action needed in order to avoid catastrophic temperatures rise, it highlights the role of investors in divesting from fossil fuels. Climate bonds are brought into the picture as a sound investment alternative:

One way to buy into low-carbon opportunities is climate bonds, which fund only emissions-reducing projects. Until recently almost all climate bonds were issued by multilateral financial organisations such as the World Bank and the European Investment Bank, but there is a growing market in corporate green bonds(link is external), says Sean Kidney… The market has grown from $3bn in the whole of 2012 to $9bn in the first quarter of 2014 alone.

“I think we are on track for $40bn by the end of the year and the market will hit $100bn in 2015,” Mr Kidney says. “Any issue that is green has been way oversubscribed”.

Business GreenGreen bond market sees records tumble(link is external),  James Murray