Mark Your Calendar! SB Brand-Led Culture Change

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Brands are at the center of culture change — both as culture keepers and culture creators. But today’s culture is transforming at an exponential rate, faster than many brands could have predicted. With so much change so fast, how can brands harness their power to influence consumer behavior and also win in the marketplace?

Sustainable Brands is delighted to invite you to  SB Brand-Led Culture Change, coming May 22-24 to Minneapolis. Join the best minds from the world’s leading brands as we unpack the critical social, cultural, environmental and business trends that are defining the moment. Discover how preeminent brands are influencing behavior at scale and turning their consumers into champions for a regenerative future.

At SB Brand-Led Culture Change, you’ll explore the latest research on trends in sustainable consumer behavior change, gain inspiration from brands that are moving the needle, and make the critical connections you need to help you craft your own playbook. You will:

  • Participate in engaging and actionable sessions under three tracks
    • Unpacking Consumer Trends
    • Driving Behavior Change at Scale
    • Culture Changing Communications
  • Unpack case studies of campaigns that measurably shift behavior towards more sustainable lifestyles
  • Discover tools to increase your brand’s cultural influence, positive impact, and Sustainability ROI
  • Explore results from Sustainable Brands’ 2023 Socio-Cultural Trend Tracking Research
  • Unlock techniques to elevate your brand’s authentic and purposeful messaging
  • Connect with a unique group of peers from the SB community— the vanguard of brands enabling business and humanity to thrive in harmony with nature.

SB Brand-Led Culture Change is a unique opportunity to learn valuable insights that will help your business succeed. We look forward to seeing you in Minneapolis May 22-24, and we thank you for your support of our mission to create a more sustainable future.