March 2014 Report

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Executive Summary

For 2014, the Green Transition ScoreboardĀ® (GTS) is focused on water, which added $484 billion to the overall total of $5.3 trillion of private investments tracked since 2007 in Q4 of 2013, 9% of the overall total and more than either the Green R&D or Cleantech sectors. Global policy makers, businesses and civic society are realizing that water is critical to environmental, social and human capital, and must be integrated into financial markets rather than overlooked as an externality.

In addition to Water, the gts tracks Renewable Energy, Green Construction, Energy Efficiency, Green R&D and Cleantech, representing broad areas of investment in green technologies. Including Water, each covers an area of substantial capital investment in technologies which Hazel Henderson’s years of research as a science advisor and which the Ethical Markets Advisory Board expertise indicate are continuing to contribute to the growing green economy.


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GTS report water focus March 2014 4-2-14