Mapping the global transition to the solar age

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Global Futurist Mapping the Global Transition to the Solar Age: From “Economism” to Earth Systems Science‘, at the Chartered Accountants’ Hall, Moorgate Place, Ethical Markets Media (USA and Brazil) and the creator and Executive Producer of its TV series. She is a world renowned futurist, evolutionary economist, a worldwide syndicated columnist, consultant on sustainable development, author of the award-winning Ethical Markets: Growing the Green Economy and eight other books. She co-edited, with Harlan Cleveland and Inge Kaul, The UN: Policy and Financing Alternatives, UK 1995 (US edition, 1996), and co-authored with Japanese Buddhist leader Daisaku Ikeda, Planetary Citizenship (2004).

She leads the Transforming Finance initiative, created the Green Transition Scoreboard®, co-developed with Calvert the gdp alternative now renamed the Ethical Markets Quality of Life Indicators.  She co-organized the Beyond GDP conference for the European Commission and funded three Beyond GDP surveys, finding strong support worldwide for Finding Ethical Alpha”, hosted in her hometown of St. Augustine, Florida, May 12-14, 2014.

An Honorary Member of the Club of Rome, she shared the 1996 Global Citizen Award with Nobelist A. Perez Esquivel of Argentina. In 2007, she was elected a Fellow to Britain’s Royal Society of Arts, founded in 1754. Since 2010, she has been honored annually as one of the “Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy TBLI Europe.  In 2013, she was inducted into the International Society of Sustainability Professionals Hall of Fame.

Henderson presented ‘Mapping the Global Transition to the Solar Age: From “Economism” to Earth Systems Science‘, joined by panelists Rachel Armstrong, Leo Johnson and Armen Papazian.

Rachel Armstrong is a Co-Director of AVATAR (Advanced Virtual and Technological Architectural Research) specializing in Architecture & Synthetic Biology at The School of Architecture & Construction, University of Greenwich, London, where she has just completed her Architecture PhD.

Leo Johnson is the co-author of “Turnaround Challenge: Armen Papazian holds a PhD in financial economics from the University of Cambridge, and is the founding chairman and CEO of Keipr Ltd, a boutique financial modeling and consulting firm. He is a former Managing Director of Innovation and Development at Nasdaq Dubai (DIFX), and a former Head of Islamic Finance at UBS AG.  A judge for the FT Investment Banking Awards in 2011. Papazian is also the first winner of the Alpha Centauri Prize, Progenitor Award.



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