Long-term investment beliefs are focus of P&I-Oxford survey – a few days left to participate!

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Network for Sustainable Financial Markets has posted a new item, ‘Long-term investment beliefs are focus of P&I-Oxford survey – a few days left to participate!’

Pensions & Investments and Oxford University launched a survey on May 23 exploring long-term investment beliefs.

Institutional investors ? including executives at pension funds, foundations, endowments and sovereign wealth funds ? as well as investment managers and investment consultants are being surveyed.

Results will be published July 23. There is still time to participate ? the survey closes June 15. Follow this link.

?The idea behind the survey: If investors better understand their and others? long-term investment beliefs, they can better identify the hard-to-pinpoint risk and return opportunities that generate long-term outperformance.

Gordon Clark, Halford Mackinder professor of geography at Oxford?s Centre for the Environment, Oxford, England, said of the survey: ?We feel that not only will the end knowledge gleaned from this research be of use to institutional investors? objectives in responsible long-term investing, but also the self-criticality entailed in answering the survey questions will help you cast your own understanding of markets in a completely new light.?

In addition to more general questions about their investment beliefs, those surveyed are asked about passive investing, risk premiums, contrarian investing and rules-based strategies.

An analysis of the results will be done by Oxford?s research team, under Mr. Clark?s leadership.

Survey responses are anonymous.?

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