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crowdsourcing.orgWednesday, April 17th, 2013

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2013CF: The Crowdfunding Industry Report: Chat Live with massolution’s Founder and Research Director — To learn more about the report and what went into creating it, plan to attend a live video chat via a Google+ Hangout On the Air this Thursday, April 18th at 2pm EDT (6PM GMT). The event will be streamed live on Google+ in the Hangout, on, and on our YouTube channel.


2013CF-The Crowdfunding Industry Report 

This report sets a new standard for comprehensive, reality-based assessment of the crowdfunding industry, based on data gathered from 308 funding platforms worldwide and analysis from massolution’s industry-leading brain trust.

After Boston Marathon Bombings, Google, Authorities Look to Crowd for Help 

Following multiple bomb blasts near the end of the finish line of the Boston Marathon that killed two and injured dozens, Google and local authorities are looking for help from the crowd to connect people with their missing loved ones, and to gather information on what is now being called a terrorist attack.

Enterprise Crowdsourcing: In-Depth with Lionbridge 

Watch a conversation with Dori Albert of Lionbridge about how high-quality crowdsourcing is quickly becoming the new outsourcing.

CrowdMed Adds Crowd Wisdom to the Medical Community 

We look at CrowdMed, a crowdsourced medical diagnosis platform and Y Combinator graduate that launched to the public yesterday.

GE Partners with Crowdsourced Product Design Company Quirky 

GE and Quirky, a crowdsourced product design company, announced an open innovation partnership recently that will see GE open up “thousands” of its patents to the Quirky inventor community.

‘Veronica Mars’ Campaign Breaks Records En Route to $5.7M 

The Veronica Mars crowdfunding campaign ended on Friday night with a total of $5.7 million. We take a look at some of the records it broke on the way to success.

The Guardian Launches A Crowdsourced News App 

We take a look at GuardianWitness, a crowdsourced news platform built using n0tice technology.

IgnitionDeck’s Nathan Hangen on Self-Run Campaigns, Platform’s Progress 

We catch up with Nathan Hangen, co-founder of WordPress crowdfunding plug-in IgnitionDeck. We talk about the company’s successful Robert’s Space Industries campaign, it’s plans, and self-run crowdfunding campaigns.


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More Crowdfunding Worldwide, and Crowdsourcing For the World’s Biggest Companies – The Crowded Room #19

In the Crowded Room this week: massolution’s 2013CF: The Crowdfunding Industry Report makes headlines around the world by putting real-world numbers and data to the rapidly growing Crowdfunding market, plus new crowdsourcing plans from GE and Walmart.

The Crowdfunding Business Bonanza For Lawyers, Accountants and Consultants

Thomas Vass, owner and manager of The Private Capital Market, a fee-based subscription crowdfunding site, writes in to discuss Wassily Leontief’s economic theories in the context of the crowdfunding ecosystem.

Crowdfunding Platform FunderHut Focuses on the Community

We take a look at FunderHut, a recently launched crowdfunding platform that makes community an integral part of its model.




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